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Things to Know

Here are a few things you might find helpful and will want to keeping mind when working with Becky Lynn Design.

Please take a few moments and review our sections for Price List & Fees, Timing & Turnaround, Payment & Shipping Information and of course, our Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at:

Email: info@becka-lynn-design.com
Phone: (707) 575-5414 or (562) 665-7874 direct

Your feedback is always welcome and we looking forward to hearing from you.

General Information Overview:

Minimum order is 24 pieces for annoucements and invitations.

Custom announcements and invitations require at least 4-8 weeks advance notice to develop designs; pricing is based on the intricacy of individual designs. Notice required is subject to change based on design.

Proofs will be emailed as PDF files. A printed sample may be available depending on the nature of the project.

Final turnaround time depends on the nature and complexity of the project.

Printing of return addresses on envelopes or return address labels are additional.

Orders may be via our website, phone (707) 575-5414 or email info@becka-lynn-design.com.

Sending Photos:

All photographs submitted must be taken by the client. If a photograph appears to be of professional quality, a signed reprint release is required from the photographer. If you are looking to have a professional photo done, our recommended we have a staff photographer or can recommend a local photographer to meet your needs.

Photos can be in color or black and white. If the design you choose uses a black and white photo you can submit a color photo and we will convert it for you at no additional charge.

Digital photos: Please email to info@becka-lynn-design.com. Whan possible, please send files that are a min of 300 dpi in either JPEG or TIFF format. If the resolution is poor this can affect the quality of the file product you receive. NOTE: When taking digital photos please be sure to set your camera ti the highest quality it allows for the best results.

Scanned Photos: If you plan on scanning your own photos before sending please be sure image is free of dust particals and blemishes. We will make minor photo editing when necessary but if the scan contains to many blemishes there will be an additional photo retouching fee charged to your order.

If you prefer to send a photo to be scanned, please mail directly to Becka Lynn Design c/o Becky Castillo, 2149 Onyx Way, Santa Rosa, Ca 95404. Prints will be returned when your porject is finished.

Submiting Business Logo(s) or Graphic(s):

Logos: We prefer logos to be sent as eps files for best quality when printing. When eps files are not available then size of JPEG or TIFF at 300 dpi will depend on the nature of the project. Commercial printing requires all files be in CMYK format while internet printers prefer RGB format. If you need assistance with your files we will be more than happy to assist you.

All graphics needed to complete your project may be submitting via email at info@becka-lynn-design.com or sent directly on CD by mail to Becka Lynn Design c/o Becky Castillo, 2149 Onyx Way, Santa Rosa, Ca 95404.

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