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General Price List

Available General Price List:

All prices are subject to change based on your design needs,* promotional and seasonal discounts.

NOTE: The complexity of the design and time allowed for completion may also become contributing factors which may affect the final price for a particular project.

Final Price Quotes

Final price quotes are provided with a design contract. These will give an estimated break down of the cost for the project which will include all design fees and printing services when applicable.

Design Fees

All projects will have a design/art set-up fee ranging in price from $15 to alter exhisting designs to $50 per/hr for custom design.


Deposits are required prior to beginning all projects. The required deposit amount is based on the design fee and final price quote. For web/electronic files the deposit is 50% of the final price quote. For all other product projects the deposit equals the design fee.

Printing Services

All printing fees are based on quantity and quality needed. A price quote will be given for your review prior to sending your project to the printer.

Becka Lynn Design takes great pride in providing you with the best printing quality available to meet your financial needs. Printing is completed inhouse for smaller projects or those that are hand assembled. We use a local commercial printer for larger and more specialized projects. If you wish to use an online printer we will accommodate such requests at no additional charge.

If you choose to complete printing on your own, Becka Lynn Design will be happy to provide you with the necessary electronic files to meet your printing needs for a small additional fee.

Additional Fees

Photo Shoots

Photo shoots are available for Northern California Bay Area residents for a flat fee which includes film and processing. We have a staff photographer as well as can recommend a local photographer to meet your needs. Contact us for more info.

Personal Consultations

Personal consultations are available for Northern California Bay Area residents. An additional fee may be required depending on distance and frequency of travel.

Adjustment Fee

An adjustment fee of $100-$250 per change plus expenses incurred is charged when the Client alters the project after design is finalized and production begins. There are no refunds of printing costs if the error is found after the final proof is signed. These types of errors include typos, images, color changes, etc. If there is an error during production beyond the clients control which can include printing errors or damage to product, we will cover expenses so that your finished product is perfect.

Cancellation Fees

If a job is cancelled at any point after the estimate is signed by the Client and designs are presented by Becka Lynn Design the client will forfeit their entire deposit.

If the job is cancelled at any point after it is sent to production, the Client is responsible for any expenses incurred such as printing and materials and will forfeit their entire deposit.

Proof Fee

Printed proofs are available for additional cost to customer. Electronic proofs are available at no additional cost.

Additional Printing Services

Printing of guest addresses on outer / inner envelopes is available for a fee of $1.50 per envelope.

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